Art2Dec Software Laboratory.

Welcome to Art2Dec Software Laboratory. This is a main entry point to technologies that we use to implement application level solutions. All of them are divided for 7 based clusters:

  • Applications (Applications that are ready to use)
  • Tools & Utils (CVS’s, Builders, Bug Tracking, Methodologies)
  • E-Commerce (Magento, Spree, ATG, etc.)
  • Platforms (L(W,M)AMP’s, Oracle, Postgress, Ora FMW, SOA, BI, Grid, NoSQL)
  • Semantics Web (Wiki’s, Search Engine, WebAnalytics, etc.)
  • Technologies (Engines, Joomla, Drupal, CMS, CRM, Apex, XDB, J2EE)
  • Web 2.0 (Portals, Phorums, Web 2.0 Frameworks, Social Software).

All stuff are Open Source Solutions and using for demonstration aims only here. Just choose the sliding door to go to your selection and use the link there. To get an access to some software is necessary to request UID & PWD from us. Some software components are at shutdown mode (as usually there are notes about it). To activate them is necessary to ask administrator about it. You can contact me freely by e-mail:

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