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Top bookmarks provide you an access to 8 independent blogs.  Each blog describes some important area of Enterprise Application Systems and technologies for that:

  • Main – Common questions and news
  • JEE – Java, Java Enterprise Edition, Frameworks.
  • AppServers – Application Servers, and questions around them.
  • Grid&Cloud – Application Grids and Cloud Computing.
  • Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Business Process Management & Application Integration Architecture.
  • Content Management Systems & Universal Content Management.
  • Architecture – System & Enterprise Architecture, Design Patterns, RDBMS’s, Operating Systems.

Really, they are just blogs…. So, I can miss something. May be, some important thing. Also, it’s quite possible that sometimes I’ll have not a time to write here. I don’t go to open all themes for discussions because the spam issues. Really, if you want to discuss something accordingly the themes or records you can use Phorum . If you think, that here are any copyright (or copyleft) issues just let me know about it.  You can write to me (Igor):  If I’ll use some information from another side or personality - i’ll put reference on it.  Author’s opinions are just his own and they aren’t  following of any companies, vendors, etc. They can’t be responsible for my opinion, I have not any obligations for them. Best regards. Igor.