So, we made about one zilliard of Operating Systems at our life…. Quite possible that we created more than ten zilliards of chipsets before we got the systems that we can use (I’m not sure on 100% about it…).

Quite possible we go to be dumb&dumber from day to day… And who said if we go to put couple hundreds of aminoacids at teapot we don’t go to get a real LIFE at this case (Other words, if we go to create zilliard Operating Systems, why we can’t get couple good OS’s… But are you sure that they are good?…. But may be some OS’s had some ideas better than we realised at present OS’s (Burroughs MCP, for example.) Where is a guarantee of it that we used the best things from all OS’s?

 Quite possible, that we go to develop and investigate most smart OS at future…

 Quite possible, that if we go to get it and  we go to be dumb&dumber from day to day then our computers will be with one button (But I’m not sure about it too… How we go to investigate if we go to get more and more dumb&dumber statement…).

But, I’m sure that the name of this Operating System will be very short (if it happens….) like ‘John’ or ‘Bill’ or ‘Larry’ or ‘Chung’ or ‘Patel’ or ’Ivan’ or ‘OS’….. But what we have right now… Each hardware or chipset collection or CPU  has own OS…. Right now, RDBMS’s have all attributes of Operating Systems too.  We are at evolution (and we are inside it) process for Operating Systems now.

But all Universe at all differences of  existing things and species has just one selfintellectual Operating System – GOD. So, get a sense off difference… We don’t close for evolution but GOD is a Perfection. But our life is very short now to reach any perfect statement before Nature (Nobody can reach it and who wants it, really?)  The question continues to be open, accordingly my opinion.

P.S.: Other situation is if GOD isn’t like an OS, but has a similar structure like an Application System. Or Application inside the OS like Internet Explorer was inside MS Windows or Application Grid Technology System. Sometimes Sun MicroSystems said that ‘computer is a network’. May be GOD’s structure is like a network… H-m-m-m… At this case we go to understand nothing forever…. :-)


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