Lost technologies.

    Will it occur?
           The past decade, science and technology, especially computer technology, and remote communication technologies, have gained unprecedented tremendous development.

Today’s network, not be accomplished overnight. Several decades of ups and downs, will be the year that the computer had only fragmented into a month of interoperable terminals. Among these, from 2000 to 2010 decade of years, numerous technologies such as mushroomed after another. Here I listed 10 Technologies that soon will be disappeared.

1) Modem dial-up

The historical significance of dial-up modem is no doubt, yet for the new things in that era of the Internet, a small modem carries the dream of many people and businesses. However, with the rapid development of network technology application, 54K transmission speed quickly refining its stand of the people’s patience has led to increasingly complex needs of the full arrival of broadband era and since then, modem dial-up Internet access is gradually fading out the stage of history.

2) Hub 

Although the hub technology has been improved, but in essence is the addition of a number of switches (SWITCH) technology, developed to today’s technology, stacked with a stacking hubs, switches and some hub also has a smart feature. It can be said hub to the switch in technology products have been a transitional technology, with a certain degree of intelligence and data exchange capabilities. But with prices falling switches only the price advantage is no longer clear that the market hub getting smaller and smaller, at the edge of elimination.

3) Novell netware

Prevalent in Windows systems prior to the operation of personal computers is in the Command Line environment, at this time of the network architecture are based on Novell Netware to construct formed. Now, it is no longer the brilliant, Windows operating system, Netware’s success will not only erode the market gets, is based on the Windows platform, applications are more and more. It really an exaggeration to say that, Netware in the past decade, has been gradually fading out of people’s attention.

4) Coaxial Cables

Advantages of coaxial cable is very clear, excellent shielding performance, transmission speed and distance in. This coaxial cable of glory. However, as technology develops RJ45 twisted pair, coaxial cable, except outside the shielding of the edge becomes no longer visible, but its complexity and high cost of set up and more people to the enthusiasm of its greatly reduced. Today, in addition to cable TV, outside the field, coaxial cable figure has become increasingly hard to see.

5) IPX Protocol

     With the revolutionary development of the Internet, as well as the emergence of online games, IPX protocol must gradually be eliminated. Many operating systems already no longer supported by default IPX.

6) Power Line 

Once the power line technology, thunder a time without. Just imagine, without any extra lines laid, only through home power socket could be connected to the Internet, this is how gratifying thing? Unfortunately, the power line a priori “disability” so that power line that eventually became elusive and difficult to guarantee the stability of data communications, electricity load disturbance caused by the ever-changing, affecting short-wave communications, household appliances of the electromagnetic signal transmission, and so some of the impact of lists of questions so that all of the advantages of power line became a laboratory cage in the bird, in the business for a very short period of time, then quietly withdraw from the market.

7) Telnet 

As security issues become increasingly severe, without encryption of the Telnet gradually away from our line of sight, shift to a more secure SSH and other remote access tools.

8 ) 2G network

NTT DoCoMo plans in March 2011 to stop 2G mobile network services, because by then the majority of users were using 3G networks. Previously, NTT DoCoMo has said that to stop 2G network service time is in December 2012. Ryuji Yamada in 2009, said the Asian Mobile Communications Conference, NTT DoCoMo to stop 2G network services part of the reason is to stop an outdated network, but also to provide users with additional next generation LTE wireless broadband services. He said: “The majority of NTT DoCoMo users have started using 3G networks.” While Finland is prepared to shut down in 2010 after the 2G network.

9) Packet Filtering Firewall

Some packet-filtering gateways do not support effective user authentication. Rule table will soon become large and complex rules difficult to test. With the increase and complexity of the table increases, the possibility of a loophole in the rules structure will also increase. This firewall’s biggest flaw is its reliance on a single component to protect the system. If this part had a problem and would make the network the door open, and users may not know its to. Under normal circumstances, if the external users are allowed to access the internal hosts, then it can access any host on the Intranet. Packet filtering firewall can only block one type of IP to deceive, that is disguised within the host external host IP, for the external host camouflage to deceive the external host IP but it will not stop, and it does not prevent DNS cheating.

10) Unix

In 1990, Linus Torvalds decided to write one’s own Minix kernel, first known as Linus’ Minix, meaning Linus’s Minix kernel, later known as the Linux, the kernel was released in 1991, and gradually attracted people’s attention. When the GNU software, when combined with the Linux kernel, GNU software, this constitutes a POSIX-compliant operating system, GNU / Linux foundation. Today, GNU / Linux has become the most active in the development of free / open source Unix-operating system. A large number of Unix market share eroded by Linux. 2009 In 2009, Red Hat has said that executives of expression after the world’s only two operating systems, one windows, second is linux.  (Published by InfoTechInspiration).

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