One more Sunday afternoon means one more release candidate from Linux kernel. The tradition is always followed by Linux founder Linus Torvalds and this Sunday was also no exception. This Sunday was dedicate to the release of Linux 3.18-rc5, as expected.
Linux 3.18-rc5 is the latest release in the Linux 3.18 kernel development build. It’s the fifth release candidate to the Linux 3.18 kernel. For last few weeks, the Linux kernel development has seen lots of ups and downs. Torvalds was no happy with the unnecessary fast pace of development during the second and third release candidate. Last week, when 3.18-rc 4 was released, Torvalds was feeling better with the development stage.
Now with the release of the fifth release candidate to the Linux 3.18 kernel, more changes have happened than its predecessor. Linux 3.18-rc5 is said to be a heavier release with more changes than rc-4. Past week several changes were merged together. Linux 3.18-rc 4 was a minor release and a smaller one in comparison to the latest one. Torvalds explains this week’s changes are not at all “odd or scary”, and it’s not only some regression or bug fixes.
The latest update has come along with support for building with GCC 5 and LLVM Clang SVN. Both of these come as default for building with the GNU11/C11 C language standard. But now with the latest release, the Linux kernel will provide support to it. The final Linux 3.18 is still few weeks away but when it will arrive, it will come with loads of new features.
Read the official Linux 3.18-rc5 announcement here, on Indiana kernel mailing list.

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