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Web Server: Acts like the control centre, managing user requests and providing information.

CDN (Content Delivery Network): Speedy roads that deliver content to users worldwide.

DNS (Domain Name System): An address book that translates web names at IP addresses.

Client: Residents (users) who interact with the system.

Load Balancer: Acts lie a traffic manager, distributing requests for stability.

Read API: Works like a librarian, fetching data from storage to users.

Services (e.g. Timeline, Search): Specialty shops offering unique user experiences.

Write API: Allow users to add new content, like creating art.

Search API: A search engine helping users find what they need.

Object store: The city’s warehouse, securely storing files and data.

SQL Write Master Slave, Read Replicas: Efficient memory managing data updates and access.

Memory Cache: Quick access storage for frequently user data.

These components work together seamelessly, ensuring smooth operations like a well-organised structure.