Oracle Valued Sun Cloud

Oracle release Java and the Sun Cloud public computing platform plans, Oracle executives further indicated that the pro-stare of Java while Sun Cloud alienation. Oracle on the Sun Cloud is not optimistic about the plan, Sun announced in March 2009 a public computing platform was originally intended to be deployed in the summer of that year. The Oracle’s chief architect, Edward Screven now says: “We do not intend to provide Sun Cloud services.”
Oracle’s CEO Larry Ellison on cloud computing, said the novelty and importance of the doubt. But even if Oracle did not like the Amazon by Sun Cloud to sell its own software products, it can also provide their products used to build public or private clouds clouds. For Java, different versions, Oracle’s expectations and the plan has obviously a lot to be positive. “Java is the Oracle acquired the crown of diamonds,” Thomas Kurian, Oracle is responsible for executive vice president of product development, described the Java, and an expression of Oracle’s ambition: “to continue to enhance and expand areas of Java programming model to support emerging applications development model. ”
Java is the world’s most popular programming language, especially in the enterprise space, with nearly 10 million developers. Oracle will vote and the revival of Java communities, and to increase efforts to amend Java, JCP’s participation. Sun in the past been accused in the JCP to control too much. For the Java Standard Edition, in particular the Java Virtual Machine, Oracle said it will increase the ability to support multiple languages, which until now Sun has been doing the same, but let the JVM support for dynamic languages such as Ruby. Java Standard Edition as a part of the road map, Oracle will Sun’s Hotspot with Oracle’s JRockit virtual machine integration. Oracle intends to enhance the Hotspot performance, especially for multi-core processors. Oracle will also concerned about the JVM for real-time monitoring. Garbage collection will be a certain degree of optimization. Local garbage collection thread will be multi-core and NUMA architecture to provide better efficiency. As for the Java Enterprise Edition, Oralce goal is to promote Java EE 6 Reference Implementation to address modularity. Java EE will run on a variety of different profile, which is also the Sun has always been the goal.