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on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X and any variety of Linux on which you can install a Java runtime environment. CF9 comes in two different editions: Standard and Enterprise. The latter provides a number of scalability and
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with a mainframe database while using Windows clients and supporting Unix or Linux Web Application Servers for a web-based interface. Changes to any of those environments might need to be synchronized with changes to the other environments. As
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you are interested in working more with streaming, and you are on a Windows or Linux machine, you can install a local developer version of Flash Media Server (which you may download from If you are
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complain if the application installs signal handlers. (Relevant to Solaris and Linux only.) Alternate signal stack size (in Kbytes). (Relevant to Solaris only, removed from 5.0.) Disable calls to System.gc(), JVM still performs garbage collection
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the ./script directory, prompting you to enter a script name Hot Tip Mac and Linux users can easily chain commands together using the && operator. For example, to run a clean and package, run the command: "griffon clean && griffon package". The
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Global and the ISD Technology Council, he led the official adoption of Linux and other open-source technologies at Walmart Stores Information Systems Division in 2006. Publications · Developing with Google App Engine · DZone Refcard #43:
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code hosting site, offers several in-depth tutorials on setting up Git for Linux, Windows, and Mac. Here are several in-depth Git installation guides:
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that supports Adobe Flash Player. If your users run on Windows, OS X or Linux and their browsers have a recent version of the Flash Player plug-in installed, they will also be able to run your Flex applications without a problem. Because
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variable JAVA_ HOME. Execute the run.bat (for Windows) or (for Linux, 2. Installation using the Zip Distribution Use the unzip command: unzip G e t t i n g Started with JBoss EAP 5 Use the same steps to
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· DB2 · Sybase · MySQL · Others · 32-bit · 64-bit · Windows · UNIX · Linux · More Visit to browse and download the entire DZone Refcardz collection #101 Get More Refcardz!
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Operating Systems Solaris SPARC Platform Solaris x86 Platform Windows Platform Linux Platform MacOS Platform AIX Platform English Language Distribution Package glassfish-installer-v2ur2-b04sunos.jar glassfish-installer-v2ur2-b04sunos_x86.jar
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